Using SPring-8
Using SPring-8

SPring-8 is a joint-use facility for researchers in Japan and from overseas, who conduct a broad range of experiments based on research proposals. User beamtime is scheduled twice a year, with two terms of operation named “A” and “B”. Research proposals are called for prior to each term, with closing dates around October of the previous year for the “A” term and June of the same year for the “B” term. The submitted proposals are reviewed by the industrial division of the Proposal Review Committee, which is made up of experts from industry and academia. There are two types of research carried out at SPring-8: proprietary and non-proprietary use.

There are several other ways to apply for experiments at SPring-8, including various support programs.
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To examine the possibility of using SPring-8, the most efficient way is to learn about previous studies. Please visit our database:

Beamlines are experimental sites where users carry out studies using the synchrotron light source of SPring-8. As of October 2007, 49 beamlines are under operation. The beamlines have various features depending on the experimental methods used. They are divided into two categories based on their availability for public use.

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For technical information

The Industrial Application and Partnership Division provides a consultation service for scientists considering using SPring-8. If you have any questions about technical issues, the proposal process, or any other matter, please feel free to contact us:

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