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Powder diffraction
For powder diffraction experiments, a Debye-Scherrer camera of the same type as the one used at BL02B2 has been installed in the downstream part of the second experimental hutch. Nitrogen-gas-stream cooling and heating devices are available for low- and high-temperature experiments, respectively. Tunable energy range is 7-31keV (1.6-0.4A in wavelength) using Si (111).
Axis adjustment for measurement is done in the following order: X and Z-axes of the shutter stage, X and Z-axes of the collimator, X and Z-axes of the 2?-diffractometer and X and Z-axes of the beam stopper. The time required to change wavelength is about 3 and 2 hours with and without a change in the incident angle at the mirror, respectively.

Debye Sherrer Camera: RIGAKU
Collimator for incident X-ray: L=310mm with two types of slits, (X,Y)=(0.15x3.0) and (0.3x3.0)
Temperature controllers: nitrogen-gas-stream type (100K-450K, 300K-1000K)
High-speed spinner: 0-3rps
Detector: imaging plate (50μ=0.01°)
IP reader: reading sensitivity is 1-1/8
Measurement software: SPEC
Source-to-sample distance: 78m

Structure determination from powder diffraction data using active pharmaceutical ingredients Keiko Miura (JASRI)
Identification of trace anode deposits in Li-batteries during charge-discharge cycles Masashi Wada (Fukuda Metal Foil and Powder Company, Co., Ltd.)
Crystal structure analysis of hydrides, MgTiHx Akiko Kitano (JASRI)

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