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Ultra Small-Angle Scattering
Ultra small-angle scattering can be measured by combining the sample stage of the multi-axis diffractometer in the second hutch, an imaging plate and a beam stopper in the third hutch and the transport tube connecting the second and the third hutches used as a camera tube.
In the optics, virtual light source is set at the second crystal of the monochromator. Slits are used to reduce parasitic scattering: two TC slits, a four-quadrant slit in the first hutch and a four-quadrant slit of the multi-axis diffractometer just before the sample position. The minimum wavenumber is about 0.01nm-1 at the incident energy of 24 KeV.
Since the USAXS configuration is not permanently installed, it takes 2-3 shifts (16-24 hrs) to tune the optics before the experiment. Therefore, measurement conditions need to be sufficiently examined in advance.

Measurement control software: SPEC
Source-to-sample distance: 75m
Tunable energy range: 20-35KeV
Camera length: around 35-40m
Detector: imaging plate

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